roy milani
In these photographs you see Nuns from an order called ‘Les Religieuses de L’Instruction Chrétienne’. Their ages today range between 69 and 94 and most of them joined the order in their late teens. When taking their vows they gave up their names, dressed in a habit common to all and took vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience. Individuality was subordinated to a life with others in a shared community and with a common purpose.

But look closely at their portraits and individuality shines through, their faces speak of unique personalities.
The women whose portraits I have taken are sisters; sisters in their gender, sisters in their beliefs, sisters in their lifestyle and sisters by name. Ultimately however they are individuals who defy attempts to categorise and resist global definition.

‘Les Religieuses de L’Instruction Chrétienne’ has in the past been a vibrant teaching order but now with no novices taking vows these are the last six nuns of a convent that will soon disappear.
les religieuses de l'instruction chrétienne
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